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z Score, Type I, Type II

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Generate z scores for a variable in grades.sav and report/interpret them.
Analyze cases of Type I and Type II error.
Analyze cases to either reject or not reject a null hypothesis.
The format of this assignment should be narrative with supporting statistical output (table and graphs) integrated (see the Copy/Export Output Instructions in the Resources area for how to do this) into the narrative in the appropriate place (not all at the end of the document).

Section 1: z Scores in SPSS.
Section 2: Case Studies of Type I and Type II Error.
Section 3: Case Studies of Null Hypothesis Testing.

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This project requires you to be creative, to work independently, to transfer knowledge from the textbook to “the real world,” and to think critically:

1) Read the newspapers, and identify a recent or ongoing international economic event/story that is relevant for the topics we have studied in the second part of this course.

2) Describe the situation, and critically discuss it with explicit reference to at least some of the models and charts used in chapters 14-18.

Textbook name is International Economics. You can find the Chapter 14-18