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Why Science Must Adapt to Women

We have to write a summary about “Why Science Must Adapt to Women” by peggy orenstien and develop it into summary critique. A summary critique is an essay that summarizes a work and then critiques the content by evaluating the strengths and the weaknesses of the work.

Length : 300-600

organization ( 50 -100 word) :
* introduction :
include the title of the text , the name of the author , and briefly explain the theme of the reading. state the author’s thesis. Write a brief statement ( your thesis statement) that evaluates the reading ( I want to focus in the positive side of the article without including the weakness).

Summary ( 150-300 word) :

construct a logically organized summary.

Critique ( 100- 200 words ) :
Your critique should discuss and evaluate the ( just the strengths ) of the reading. Decide what your overall judgement of the main argument is. You should comment on specific ideas , examples and/or passages from the reading. Restate your overall opinion of the text and make recommendations.

please double- space and using Times New Roman 12 point.

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