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What is this conversation missing, and why is it important that we consider this perspective?

Your final project must include at least 4 sources that address your chosen topic, 2 of which must be scholarly sources found via databases at a USC library. Note: This is a minimum number of sources. You may use as many sources as you see fit. Make sure the scholarly sources are indeed scholarly. The topic is CIA Black sites. Also feel free to draw on Guantanamo bay as well as the sources I already put in my prework annotated bibliography.

WP3 Pre-work

Research Questions

1) How do CIA black sites contribute to the war on terror as well as the overall safety of the citizens of the United States of America?
2) How do these sites differ from regular prisons and why are they necessary if they perform similar functions?
3) Can the torture going on in these facilities be justified for what they can sometimes prevent?
4) Can these torture methods reconsider legal and if so within the grounds of human rights?
5) What are human rights and how are they defined and does morality play a part in this definition or what?s happening with these torture methods?
6) If it can be justified in certain circumstances is that enough to say these harsh methods can be applied to all detainees?
7) Is this all ultimately necessary to protect the greater good of the Untied States as well as the greater world and still within the grounds of law and human rights? If not, what alternatives can be offered?

Annotated Bibliography

Robert Barnes – Washington Post Staff Writer. “Supreme Court Won’t Review Alleged CIA Abduction.” The Washington Post. N.p., 10 Oct. 2007. Web. 18 Oct. 2016. Wednesday October 9, 2007, The Supreme Court declined to open U.S. courts to a German citizen who said he was abducted, imprisoned and tortured by the CIA because he was mistakenly identified as a terrorist. Consequently, the government had invoked its “state secrets” privilege and said there was no way for Khaled el-Masri to bring his lawsuit, or for the government to defend itself, without the disclosure of information that would endanger national security. The Article continues on to discuss the background information surrounding Khaled el-Masri. Untimatley, after the case was settled, Masri was committed to a psychiatric institution in May after he was arrested in the southern German city of Neu-Ulm on suspicion of arson. His attorney in Germany blamed his troubles on the CIA, saying the kidnapping and detention had left Masri a “psychological wreck.”

The International Journal of Human Rights. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print. Using the data provided in the Senate report on the CIA?s detention and interrogation program, this article demonstrates that studying the process of cooperation instead of merely the outcome allows us to see that the anti-torture norm had continuous causal effects that are currently unrecognized in the literature. This finding not only provides a counterpoint to much of the literature on the United States rendition program that focusses on the negative human rights outcomes, but also builds on research which has argued that fundamental international human rights norms were not as damaged by American conduct in the war on terror as many scholars and activists had initially feared. The conclusion is driven primarily by a focus on outcome, that states cooperated, and ignores the process through which cooperation happened.

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