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What is the purpose of art? Aristotle argues that art is a way of purging the emotions.

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Paper #3: Purpose of Art
Instructions: Late papers will be penalized at minus 5 points for the first day late and minus one point for each additional day. The paper is worth 50 points. Papers should be no less than 1,000 words. Papers should demonstrate a thorough awareness of the topic as well as the ability to engage in philosophical reasoning.
Outside research is not necessary, and in fact you are strongly encouraged to write this paper with nothing but the course materials and your brain in hand, but if you do use external sources you must provide complete citations. Failure to cite your sources is academic misconduct and will result in a failure of the assignment (for more information, see the academic honesty section of the syllabus and the handouts on academic misconduct and proper citations). If you have any doubts about whether your paper is properly cited, I am happy to look at it for you in advance of the due date.
You will submit your paper via the ?Assignments? tab on Blackboard.

What is the purpose of art? Aristotle argues that art is a way of purging the emotions. R. G. Collingwood argues that art teaches us what it is to be human, and helps us to improve as human beings. Tolstoy sees art as a form of communication between the artist and the audience. In contrast to these positions is the view that art?s purpose is simple amusement and diversion.

In this paper, you should explain at least two of the positions presented in the readings. Once you have clearly laid out the positions, explain your own view (this might be the same as one of those views, some combination of them, or something entirely different). In explaining your own position it will probably be helpful for you to give specific examples of art that help make your point. No more than half of your paper should be devoted to explaining the views of the authors ? the rest of the paper should lay out your own view. Be sure to give concrete philosophical arguments to support your position.