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What is globalization?

Part II: Answer the following two questions:

What is globalization? Why is it IMPORTANT for marketers to understand what globalization entails?
Moots is a high-end bicycle manufacturer located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Assume the company is considering entering the Brazilian and China market. When conducting its market assessment, what political, cultural and economic factors should Moots consider to make its decision?

Part III: Wal-Mart Video questions

1. Describe Wal-Mart?s pricing strategy

2. Describe the positioning strategy Wal-Mart implements in regards to pricing

3. How did Wal-Mart revolutionize logistics management? (Push versus Pull strategy)

5. What is meant by creative destruction?

6. Why did the U.S. establish Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China during the Clinton administration?

Wal-Mart video