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Topic: Financial Reporting

DescriptionYour company choice:
Your coursework should be based on the most recent Annual Report of one of the following companies:
• Thomas Cook Group plc (approved 29 November 2018)
• Sports Direct International plc (approved 26 July 2019)
• Ted Baker plc (approved 21 March 2019)
Assume that today is the day after the company you have chosen has approved/published their
Annual Report.
You have applied for a job with that company and completed their psychometric test online.
Following the evaluation of your test, you have just received an email from the company stating that you
have been invited to an interview for a graduate position in the finance department at their head office.
You should assume that you are keen to be successful at that interview.
Based on the Annual Report and any publicly available information about the company on the day after
the Annual Report is approved/published:
(a) Identify, with justification, the key pieces of information relating to the company that the interview
panel are likely to expect you to know about at the interview.
(30 marks)
(b) From your own point of view, analyse the data in the Annual Report by calculating and interpreting
at least 12 relevant financial ratios for at least the last two accounting periods.
You should also state your opinion (based on your analysis) as to whether you would accept the
job if it is offered.
Note: Do not take account of any information that may have come to light since the publication
date of the Annual Report.
(60 marks)
(c) Based on your analysis in part (b), list (with justification) any relevant questions that you would want
to ask the interview panel at the interview.
(10 marks)
Total: 100 marks

the assignment brief is: The interpretation of the published annual
report for a quoted UK company.

i’ve attached document ‘4038819’ that shows what needs to be done to achieve a first.
also attached a paper from last year which received a first, question is different and set out different but should give an idea of how its meant to be done. the last page of that also has the markers comments to what could of been done better. you can pick which company out of three will be easiest for you following the required requirements requested. Ratio calculation and Analysis and interpretation should be done similar to example ofcourse for the company you choose i would most likely go for thomas cook. remember the timeframe aswell as its before they went bankrupt etc. also attached the lectures slides that will help to understand the module as its key you look into how this module is, using materials etc.

Also attached annual report examples and annual report for the three companies

Please let me know if you need anything else, and keep me updated

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