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Topic: Field Activity Project

Type of Health Organization

Free-standing clinic in a remote area. To maximize the readiness, health and well-being of residents at this island location.

Summary of the Field Activity

The Plan developed by clinic staff and newly chartered Process Improvement Team  is in response to a perceived lack of continuity and a strong desire to initiate improvement projects at the clinic. This is an   ancillary specific effort to make the clinic a beacon of efficiency and evidenced practice medicine. Activity will cover:

  • Ancillary equipment (:radiology and pharmacy) overhaul and technology update
  • Administration and personnel retraining

Role of the Student

Assistant Lead: Process Improvement Team.

Timeline of the Project/Activity

3-6 month






Before you proceed, read below:

  • Project submission demonstrates proper analysis of all main points of the selected field activity (overview of the activity, strategic impact, and recommendations).
  • A comprehensive analysis of the selected field activity is offered. Strongly relevant applications of the course principles are made. Use SWOT Analysis as needed!
  • The paper uses 10-15 scholarly sources, plus the course text.
  • The organization of the content is clear and easy to follow. The layout is logical and maintains the flow of thought throughout the paper. The presentation of content is logical and flows from 1 point to the next.
  • The paper is accurately formatted in current APA format. The abstract is included and is in current APA formatting. References are cited using current APA style and formatting guidelines. The evidence is properly cited with 0–2 errors and supports the main points.
  • Reach out promptly if you have any question, no excuses!

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