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summarize Thomas Nagel's argument in Death.

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Paper #2: Death
Instructions: Papers should be no less than 1,000 words. Papers should demonstrate a thorough awareness of the topic as well as the ability to engage in philosophical reasoning.
Outside research is not necessary, and in fact you are strongly encouraged to write this paper with nothing but the course materials and your brain in hand, but if you do use external sources you must provide complete citations. Failure to cite your sources is academic misconduct and will result in a failure of the assignment (for more information, see the academic honesty section of the syllabus and the handouts on academic misconduct and proper citations). If you have any doubts about whether your paper is properly cited, I am happy to look at it for you in advance of the due date.
You will submit your paper via the ?Assignments? tab on Blackboard.

Section 1?In your own words summarize Thomas Nagel’s argument in Death. To do this you should explicitly state his conclusion and make clear what exactly his reasons are for coming to that conclusion. Any thought experiments or analogies used should be explained in full, any asides or additional comments by the author should be left out and you should avoid direct quotations. You should also be explicit about what he means by ‘death’.