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social work

social work
Part 1: Thesis Statement/Identification of Issues

• The first section of part one identifies the issue, states the topic;
• The second section states the point of the essay (thesis statement);
• In the third section, there is an explanation of what the paper will do and how: the main ideas the paper.
Part 2: Detailed Outline

1.5 pages, worth 5%
• This part requires that the student provide an outline of the entire paper;
• Think of the outline as a flexible but detailed table of contents;
• Below is a guide on how to structure the outline.
I. Introduction:
• Identification of the issue/Thesis Statement (from Part 1)
• Explain what the paper will do and how.
II. Body Paragraphs
• These paragraphs should address each of the following topics: Definition of the topic (if necessary), historical development, link to theory, identification of oppressive factors, an evaluation of the role of social work and social workers’ role related to the topic, critical reflection on your own professional role as a social worker. Each section should include the following:
• Opening Sentence/Transitioning Sentence:
• Detail 1:
• Detail 2:
• Detail 3:
III. Conclusion
• Reconfirm the thesis statement and what the paper did.
Part 3: Final paper (due within 10 days)
Be sure to respond to the following content:
A. Definition and historical development and discussion of relevant oppressive factors involved (5)

• Five marks are assigned to this requirement. Ensure that terms used are defined (if necessary) and highlight the issue’s historical development in Canada. Consider the following in your identification and analysis:
– Economic
– Social/cultural factors
– Political factors
– Demographic factors
– Religious factors
– Cataclysmic factors: war, economic depressions, drought
– Technological factors
B. Identification and definition of a particular theory and critical analysis (7)

• Include an analysis connecting theory to the issue. What are the implications of the issue on a policy and practice perspective within the context of social welfare in Canada? Are there benefits or limits: Does it reflect a form of oppression?
C. Role of Social Work and Social Workers (5)

• Five marks are assigned to this requirement. Identification and evaluation of the role of social work and social workers in creating social policy, in service planning and delivery and social change related to the issue;
F. Critical Reflection (5)

• Five marks are assigned to this requirement. Critical reflection on their own professional role as it relates to ethical service planning and provision and social justice;
G. Mechanics (3)

• Three marks are assigned to this requirement. Be sure to be aware of clarity of expression and style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

The paper should incorporate a minimum of five references including at least 2 journal articles plus other references of your choice. (i.e. reports, texts).

• You must use APA style, using in-text (parenthetical) citations and a reference page. DO NOT use footnotes or endnotes. Refer to any of the many style guides for further details on APA. Refer to the CULearn Assignment One Resources folder “How to Find an Academic Journal,” or contact the Social Work Librarian, Martha Attridge Bufton.
• Your assignment must be doubled spaced with 1” margins, and size 12 font.
• Each page (except the title page) must be numbered and contain your name and student number.
• We recommend you use section headings, and do not use additional double spacing between paragraphs.
• Your title page must contain your name, student number, Carleton connect email address, the title of the assignment, and the course name and number.

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