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Skills for doc res 3
2. Read the following peer-reviewed article in preparation for your scheduled cohort discussion:
Sutherland, C., & Cheng, Y. (2009). Participatory-action research with (im)migrant women in two small Canadian cities: Using Photovoice in Kingston and Petersborough, Ontario. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 7(3), 290-307.

Write a 3-to-4 paragraph response to the following assignment:
Describe, in your own words, the purpose of each of the main components of a research article:
Theoretical/Conceptual framework
Literature review
Research questions and/or hypothesis
Assumptions, limitations and delimitations
Implications of the research
Choose one of the following components: Theoretical/Conceptual framework, Literature review or Research questions and/or hypothesis. Was the article effective in presenting this information? Explain why or why not.
In what ways is the peer review process IMPORTANT for your academic and professional goals?