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Selected Case Readings

The last SECTION of the book is entitled Selected Case Readings. There are 14 precedent setting cases that are related to the private security industry.

These cases will be utilized in the preparation of your class writing assignment.

Case Study Analysis and Comparison ? Select one case from Chapter 8 to analyze. Your analysis must include the facts of the case, the judge?s decision, your opinion of the ruling and a recitation of what precedent was established with the case.

For the comparison portion of the paper, research a case that is similar to the case you chose to analyze. Thoroughly explain the facts of that case, including the similarities and differences between the cases. Compare the outcome of the cases and give your opinion of why you believe the cases were adjudicated in the manner that they were. Include the citation for your case. Please check the syllabus for final paper requirements.

The 14 cases are listed below:

1) Aetna Casualty and Surety Company V. Pendleton Detectives of Mississippi ? Negligence / Breach of Contract

2) Arthur Letourneau et al V. Department of Registration and Education ? Revocation of plaintiff?s license.

3) Stephanie Austin v. Paramount Parks Inc. ? deprivation of rights, false arrest

4) Beverly JEAN Whitehead et al V USA-ONE Inc ? Negligent security

5) Burdeau V. McDowell ? confiscated documents

6) State of Minnesota V Jeffrey Scott Buswell ? Illegal private search

7) Kelley V. Baker Protective Services ? Negligent hiring and retention of a security officer

8) Leroy Ross V. Texas One ? Ross shot by security officer

9) Marta Rivas and Alberto Rivas V Nationwide Personal Security Corporation ? Assault and battery case

10) NC Private Protective Services Board V. Gray Inc D/B/A Superior Security ? unregistered security employees.

11) Andrew J. Neuens V. City of Columbus ? Assault and battery and negligence.

12) Barry Walker V. May Department Stores Co ? Shoplifting / False Arrest

13) Kyong Wood and Sheila Copeland V. City of Topeka ? Suspicion of shoplifting / destruction of property.

14) The People V. Virginia Alvinia Zelinski ? Unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

1000 words APA style