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Reflective commentary/Self-Reflective Summary/Applied Financial Management

Reflective commentary/Self-Reflective Summary/Applied Financial Management

500 words

The aim for the self-reflective summary is for you to reflect upon the entire process of creating the groupwork and how you have or have not achieved the learning outcomes of the module (Which is in next page)

There are a few themes you may focus on:

1. Subject-specific and intellectual – What practical lessons you have learnt from financial statement analysis? How much do we know about the risk of company as proxied by beta? What are the relationships between the theories and practices on capital structure and dividend policy?

2. Practical – how well have you been equipped yourself in applying statistical analysis and materials on the internet and Library database?

3. Personal and social – what particular difficulties did you have in the groupwork? What can you say about the time-management, division of work and progression of the coursework throughout the year?

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