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reasearch the subject of human origins from a paleoanthropological prespective

Paper details
?1. reasearch the subject of human origins from a paleoanthropological prespective. you should should compare and contrast one or two theories about major trnsitions, or different adaptaions,in human evolutions. Examples: 1)one mystery is why Neandertals began to burying their dead. 2) Another topic could be, why did Australopithecines (or others) reach a “dead end”? 3) Alternatively, you could discuss tropcal habitats & adaptive strategies vs. Ice Age changes 4) which tools had the biggest impact? 5) will tool & technology be our undoing? discuss some particular behavioral adaptations & their significance.
for this topic you will need (required):
a) at least one book
b)an article from a journal or magazine such as Discover or Scientific American
c)two + fully-referenced websites

2.choose a primate family ( chimpanzee) and write a detailed description of you subject, including habitat, nearest primate relatives, feeding & behsvioral habitats, etc. your introduction should include why you chose this particular creature & what might be learned from studying their kind. if you if you chooose this subject, your research must include a trip to the zoo(Sacramento, san fransisco, or Oakland)& Your own 2+ hour observations of your animal. This zoo “fieldwork ?should be the focus of the paper, along with your narration/ careful description of your experiences, Discussion of the meaning of human/ animal relationships, according to you, supported by your research, should compromise at least one page of the paper.
Also, you?ll need ( required) a bibliography including
a) at least one book
b) an article from a journal/ magazine on your chosen primate
c) a primate website

3.What are the prospects, possibilities, & possible/ probable limitations of the future evolution of human beings? Your discussion should include some reflections on the impact of culture on human evolution, & should include some reflections, but not prophecies.
This subject should include (required) references from:
a) At least two futurologists? books, (this is two persons who make scientific predictions on the future of humans & human society)
b) At least one journal article
c) One + website