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Questions of gender in the movie Legally Blonde

DescriptionMOVIE: LEGALLY BLONDE (2001)

This 10-page paper should briefly describe the story and provide an analysis of the gender representations. Integrate at least 5 gender communication concepts we have learned in class and show how they can be applied to the movie/series. Follow the guidelines below:

Describe and analyze the text. Consider the language, conversation and nonverbal messages present in the gender representations in the movie/series.

Compare and contrast how people of different genders are represented in your movie/series.

Compare and contrast the discursive and non-discursive (verbal and non-verbal) gender representations in your movie/series.
Use at least five of the concepts/theories learned in class to analyze the gender representations in the movie/series. Describe each concept or theory and provide examples from your movie/series.

Evaluate of the role of the media in framing and prioritizing private and public issues as a consequence of how gender is represented in your movie/series.Explain how/why these images matter, and if necessary, what change do you recommend?

**Please cite the movie (in text citations and a reference page)

The textbook is: Wood, Julia, T. and Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz Gendered Lives: Communication,Gender, & Culture 13th Edition, Cengage Learning, 2018.

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