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PSYC101 Week 6 Tip Sheet: Completing the Week 6 Worksheet and Reviewing Grading Feedback

The Week 6 Worksheet guides you through the key elements of a published scholarly journal article and demonstrating APA source
citation skills, activities you will engage in frequently as you complete assignments including essays, research papers and literature reviews
in future courses.
When completing your worksheet keep in mind:
This assignment is a worksheet, not a paper. You will
be answering a series of questions focusing on particular
components of an assigned, published journal article.
The worksheet and the article required for
completing it are attached as links to the bottom of the
classroom assignment screen. Open each by clicking its link.
Nothing may be deleted from or altered in the original
worksheet Word document.
Although you may not submit it before Week 6 of the
course term, working ahead and pacing completion of the
worksheet is recommended, just as you would do with a
paper based on a scholarly journal article or articles.
You should only source cite in answering the questions
at the end of the worksheet requiring demonstration of APA
source citation skills. There should be no other source
citations in your work.
No quoting or copying is permitted. Only technical
terms and proper nouns from the article may be used as-is
in your worksheet answers. Everything else must be
parahrased (restated in your own words).
Image sources: Microsoft Word and APUS Sakai PSYC101 Classroom
Where to Find your Worksheet Grade and Feedback
The score for your worksheet will be displayed in your
Assignment feedback may also be in the gradebook
Instructor Comments box, accessed by clicking the
assignment name under the Category column.
If feedback is too detailed to be placed in the gradebook or
is inserted in a returned copy of your submitted assignment,
you may see a very brief instructor comment such as, ?See
the assignment screen for feedback details.?
To view feedback on the assignment screen, click,
?Assignments? on the classroom navigation menu and click
the name of the assignment to see its feedback.
The screen that opens will show instructor grading
feedback and/or an attachment of your graded work with
instructor feedback inserted.
Message your instructor if after the grading period
ends you are not able to see your feedback.
Image sources: Microsoft Word and APUS Sakai Guide for Students