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Project Overview: Purpose,

Scope, Goals, Business
Case and Deliverables
Project Overview 1.0:
Brief background description of project which should include:
1. Motivation
2. Major Goals and Objectives (Note goals need to be measurable and have
targets. The project success will be partially measured by how well these goals
and objectives were met.)
3. Give an overview of the project and define a list of Goals and measureable
metrics to evaluate those goals? (i.e. Decrease customer wait time within 6
months without cost increase or quality decrease? 3= >60% decrease; 2= 40%
decrease; and 1= 20% decrease)
Purpose, Scope, Objectives, and Business Case 1.1:
Explain the overall purpose of the project here. List major key deliverables to
customer/stakeholders/clients etc.
Scope 1.1.1:
Describe project scope in general terms including:
? Current status or problem statement
? Proposed solution statement
? Requirements and information gathering specifics (Answers the question
who did you talk with (customers, stakeholders, clients, etc., When? How
did you gather the information to draft this scope? What did you learn
from the requirement and information gathering stage? (i.e.
specifications, requirements, needs vs. wants, etc.)
? Project Constraints (These set the boundaries of the project and should
have specific quantities if known. If not put best guesses and refine after
the rest of the plan is completed.)
o Budget Constraints
o Schedule Constraints
o Resource Constraints
o Space Constraints
o Regulatory Constraints
o Other Constraints
Statement of Work (SOW) 1.1.2
Statement of work needs to include:
o Resource requirements
o Key milestones in project. Milestones are single events such as inspection
approvals, research report completed, board approval, Regulatory body
approval, etc. (They tend to be a culminating step for a deliverable or
several deliverables that is required before moving forward.)
o Acceptance criteria for milestones
o Major risks and concerns (Stick to top 2-3, detailed risk analysis is done later.)
Business Case 1.1.3:
? Identify major business needs to be satisfied and feasibility of project (e.g.
ROI or 200% in 3 years or IRR minimum of 10% within 5 years, there demand
and need for a parking structure, the blue whale population has no
accurate baseline count and faces extinction, etc.) The case may be
profit or non-profit, based on a financial outcome or mission outcome.
Chapter 5 explains the business case
? Alternatives analysis would also be here professionally and uses methods
from Chapter 3. However, since we do not have actual data in most cases
this section is not required but optional in this class)
? Identify how business needs will be satisfied.
Project Deliverables 1.2:
List the deliverables of project. These should be tangible components or milestones
of the project (e.g. report, survey results, material sources identified, customer list
compiled, etc.). Give some explanation for each one.
Deliverable: Report should be modelled after format of sample at the end of
Chapter 2 and Appendix C sections 1.1-1.2 at the back of the book. The following
guidelines should be used:
? Ensure that proper formatting, grammar, and technical writing standards for report
are used.
? All items above need supporting paragraphs, captions, call outs per profession
technical report writing standards.

Project Management Project – NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER NEEDED.


Its due in 8 hours. Work with what we have come up with so far following the project requierments. check the