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procurement report for construction projects

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Module Title: Contracts and Procurement


2.1 TASK A: Procurement Coursework 50%

Proposed project: the new railway station
You are a member of a project team planning a central railway station with over 320,000 passengers per day for the capital city in your country. A major station is required in which a new north-south railway line intersections to be constructed. The project brief indicates a very complex and challenging project that is spacious and full of natural light. The project consists of the main station hall, parking facilities, tunnels, commercial space, concourse and bridges.
The main station hall is spanned by a curved glass roof with a surface area of about 100 by 150 metres. A sophisticated system of large openings in the ceilings at all levels allows for natural light to be let in so that it can even reach the lower tracks. The bridges span not only the entire length of the station, but also the adjacent; spanning more than 500 metres long. Bridges of this type had never been built before, and will represent a special challenge to the project team. The main concourse, supported by two towers, provides roughly 32,000 square metres of commercial space. There are two main levels for train traffic and three connection and business levels. Basically the project is structurally steel with glass roof. A photovoltaic system will be integrated into the glass surface. The design requires three levels. The highest level on a bridge is 12 metres above street level and will have platforms for long-distance train. The lowest level is 17 metres underground and will have platforms served by new tunnels. The building work is planned to take place in several stages. It is anticipated that there may be water leaks in the tunnels that might cause one year’s delay to the construction work. The construction time is said to be 5 years. The government is planning a design competition later in the year.
You are required to prepare a report for the relevant government agency for the project. In your report, describe sophisticated contractor appointment method suitable for the project to attain quality of design and construction required. Also explain the appointment process and selection criteria for project of this nature. Discuss the factors you will consider when forming procurement strategy for the project. You are also required to critically analyse basic procurement routes/types for the proposed project. Your report should also cover examination of advance procurement practices suitable for the project. You are also required to choose the most suitable route for the project and state the potential benefits of adopting the chosen procurement route.

You should outline your assumptions.

Mark Allocation for Task A

? Introduction 5%
? Describe sophisticated contractor appointment methods suitable for the project to attain quality of design and construction required (8%). Also explain the appointment selection criteria for project of this nature (7%).
? Discuss the critical factors that will inform the choice of the procurement strategy for the project (5%) and issues to which the procurement strategy must respond to (10%) – 15%
? Critically analyse the basic procurement routes/types for the proposed project 20%
? Examine advance procurement practices suitable for the project 15%
? Choose most suitable route (8%) and state the potential benefits of adopting the chosen procurement route (7%) ? 15%
? Clear examples 5%
? Presentation of report 10% (Layout, structure, visual presentation, use of language, clarity of expression, referencing within text and bibliography)


The assignment is to be submitted in a report format and as such should have a formal structure and layout. It should be presented as a neatly bound professional document single sided.

Requirements: all submissions should have a cover sheet identifying the module, the date and the student?s name. All submissions shall have a bibliography of references and sources used in the preparation of the project. Harvard style of referencing should be used.

Work must be submitted through Turnitin and a hard copy to the student office on or before the due date.

Turnitin will be used to check the originality of the report.


In order to attain a pass, a mark of Grade D or above is required for each part of the coursework. The report, when taken as a whole, should demonstrate competence in the learning outcomes that, if implemented, would generate benefits to the project and organisation (HWU).

The grades for assessment will vary depending on:
The comprehensiveness of the report in covering the essential requirement of the task; level of understanding, criticality of discussion, evaluation and application of key process issues, good use of citation of quality references and quotations; and conclusions and recommendations.

Work in this category will be of an excellent standard. It will be distinctive. will be expected to be exceptionally clear, well-structured and theoretically informed. The standard of English will be excellent and there will be an extensive use and application of key principles. There will be a very high degree of comprehensive examination of key issues, reflecting the intricacy of construction projects and processes and the creativity to see imaginative solutions.