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Older adult abuse / Family Studies & Gerontology Family Studies & Gerontolog.)The course is Family Violence Across the Life Course. The papers will serve as a vehicle for a focussed analysis of material covered in the course. Students will select one specific issue relative to family violence and explore the issue in depth using scholarly research as the foundation for reflection and critique SUPPLEMENTAL SCHOLARLY REFERENCES (JOURNAL ARTICLES) MUST BE USED IN DEVELOPING THE RESEARCH PAPERS. Criteria for Evaluation of Research Papers (1) Relevance to course content (2) Focus and depth of analysis (3) Organization (ideas presented flow logically) (4) Minimal errors in grammar and spelling (5) Adherence to APA guidelines (6th edition) (5) Style (i.e. clarity and coherence of sentences/paragraphs), and, (6) Creativity and innovation For example, my topic is related to Older adult abuse, so you need to raise current issues regarding the topic, and then analyze them with critical thinking and supportive evidence, peer reviewed journal. At the end, maybe provide some suggestions to those problems.(This is my personal idea) Course (Family Violence Across the Life Course) Description: This course will focus on research, theory and practice in family violence as it occurs across the life course using a critical-ecological theoretical framework. Objectives: Students will: • Examine issues related to family violence as it occurs across the life course; • Discuss research, theory, practice, and policy development in family violence; • Analyze family violence from a critical-ecological theoretical framework; • Review and evaluate strategies for prevention and intervention within the fields of practice pertinent to family violence. Texts & Readings


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– Identify the primary ethical dilemma or challenge faced by the case’s main character or organization.

V Case: Corneas in the Congo
j . ’ l Joanne B.VCiulla
t are the head o a small aid a r, – I
2:10 provide healtllrservices for riggeyefujhl: hrlhnefie Till]: Amlgiglon of???” ageimy
the region. In recent years you have’worked with a m: mbe WHOM? 62ml wars m
Y , . er of nongovernmental
organization agencies, WC]? (IS CARE, Doctors Without Borders, and the
Christin? .Ch’ld’m’W Fund. YOU!” (lgei‘icyfocuses on giving intensive help to small
communities. Touare now working in a camp offifty people. Because ofa
peculiar paraszte in the water that destroys the cornea of the eye, ten people in
the camp have gone blind; halfofthem are children. Exceptfor their inability to
see, their

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