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Netflix press release



Netflix wants to distribute a press release to demonstrate how successful its Netflix Canada has been in procuring TV shows and movies for Netflix subscribers  in the first year since the company began producing TV shows and films in Canada. (So rather than announcing something, this press release details the results of some of the bigger shows that the company produced in Canada or with Canadian partners.)


You will need to research each of the elements below to confirm for accuracy, add up-to-date information (ratings, when the programs aired, etc) and provide whatever historical or recent perspective as needed to put into content this agreement and its impact on Netflix’s current 139 worldwide million subscribers .



Some background:


  1. The Minister of Canadian Heritage approved Netflix to create Netflix Canada Oct. 3, 2017 to create Netflix Canada


  1. First production presence outside the U.S.


  1. Netflix to invest at least $500 million to make TV shows and movies in Canada over five years.


  1. Pledged to make $25 million investment to make TV shows and movies in French


  1. Support local Canadian production companies, including French language community in Quebec




  1. Netflix produced TV shows and movies in places like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s.
  2. Current or soon to be released titles – “Altered Carbon,” “Riverdale,” “Lost in Space,” “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” “How it All Ends,” The Umbrella Academy,” “And Always Be My Maybe.”
  3. Canadian comedy stand up series filed at Montreal’s Just for Laughs (JustePoueRire) Comedy Festival
  4. Canadian made content (from other producers) “Anne with an E,” “Northen Rescue,“ “Frontier,” and “Kim’s Convenience.”
  5. Created relationships with Canadian industry groups including Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Banff Diversity of Voices Initiative, the Canadian Film Center, Hot Docs Canadian Storytellers Project, Pacific Screenwriters Program.



  1. Quote from Corie Wright, director of public policy: The government’s approval of Netflix Canada allowed us to more deeply and directly invest in production here. To demonstrate our commitment to Canada, Netflix promised to spend a minimum of half a billion dollars on original production in Canada over five years. This investment — the most significant to-date from any internet streaming video service — means money spent with Canadian producers, directors, writers, actors and film crews. Netflix also committed another $25 million dollars to local cultural organizations and events to support new and diverse Canadian talent, including women, francophone and indigenous creators.


  1. Quote from Ted Sarandos, Title XX: Our experience has affirmed that Canada is home to some of the world’s best landscapes, creators and crews. As a testament to that talent, we are pleased to announce that Netflix is on track to exceed our half billion dollar investment promise. This is because we continue to grow our business all over the world, and the quality of the shows and films we are making in Canada and other countries around the world are resonating with audiences everywhere.


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