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Narrative essay:Langston Hughes? Salvation

Read Langston Hughes? Salvation p. 343
Write a SHORT essay on something that you don?t believe in anymore (1500 words). Use Hughes? text as a catapult into your own personal narrative. You might first talk about Hughes? account and the emotional details he gives of his loss of innocence and relate it to your own. Make sure that you provide a nice sprinkling of quotes from Hughes’ story when summarizing his text.

experience, relating details and description of the time in your life, past or present, when you stopped believing in an idea, or lost faith in something or some social/cultural issue. Maybe you have questioned an institution, family tradition, or work culture. How did coming to this decision affect you emotionally and shape you? How has it affected your relationship with others or the decisions you make every day? Try to stay away from the cliched topics of love and relationships. Think about cultural issues, social norms, and even popular culture icons and issues.

In essence, briefly summarize and analyze Hughes? essay, then launch your own account of some similar experience. Then, tie your experience back to Hughes’ to provide closure, summation, and a parallel experience to Hughes. When summarizing Hughes, make sure that you use MLA formatting when quoting from selected passages. Be descriptive like Hughes and make sure that your essay is typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins. Complete with works cited page for Hughes? story that you will use to parallel your own experience.