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Melville Herskovits: At the Heart of Blackness

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Watch the full 60 minutes documentary “Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness” then answer these questions with a paragraph each.

1. How does Vincent Brown connect Herskovits? experience in the United States as a Jewish immigrant to his understanding of African-American cultural practices? What similarities does he draw in terms of the groups? experiences of displacement and ?homeland??

2. Describe Herskovits? fieldwork and the kinds of links between history, place, and culture he demonstrated.

3. How and why was Herskovits? book, ?The Myth of the Negro Past,? then used by activists in the 1960s?

4. How was (and is) Herskovits? definition of ?African America? challenging for political movements for the end of racial segregation in American society and around the world? Consider the quote by Johnnetta Cole: ?Who has access to understanding, to explaining, a people, and to what use??