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Management information systems discussion

Team 1Hardware in the form of a high end laptop for an executive who does not do much analytical work but does do a lot of communication work, including teleconferences over the Internet. These conferences may require the computer to have the ability to do application and desktop sharing, use video and audio, and to record these meetings. This executive will also be using a typical office suite of applications for productivity (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation generator, email, and calendar). She also travels a great deal and will be using the laptop from a variety of locations, sometimes plugged into a hard-wired network and sometimes using a wireless network. Team 2Software that should be installed on Team 1’s laptop. Identify all the software you think this executive will need and a non-academic source to purchase that software. Identify the hardware technical specifications the software needs to run with no significant delay. You don’t need to check with or coordinate with Team 1 on whether they are getting a Windows/Intel machine or an Apple machine; you may make your own assumptions about the basic ecosystem this laptop will operate within. Just include your assumption of what type of computer the executive will be getting.

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