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leadership observation – fictional character – movie based


Observing and studying the leadership behaviour of someone in a leadership role can be helpful in developing an appreciation of how leadership works in practice. For this assignment you are required to choose someone you consider to be a leader from a movie of your choice and investigate their approach to leadership. You may use any movie/leader you wish. Length of Submission: Your submission should be no more than 1750 words in length (excluding references).
will be marked against the following criteria:

Provide a short description of the background to the movie. This should identify the leader and the nature of the leadership challenge or context.
Discuss the main leadership lessons that you have taken from the case.
Review how any of the leadership theories covered on the course have helped you develop an understanding of the leadership scenario you have chosen.
For each piece of assessed coursework, you are required to complete your work within the range of 10% above or below the stated target word count. You must include your actual word count.
in the attached file you will find the course materials.

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