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Presentation 2:

Watch two the two different presentations located via the links above on how to market your business using Facebook and LinkedIn.
Analyze the two presentations by comparing the following:
Visuals: Does the design enhance or hinder the presentation’s effectiveness?
Graphic elements: Are graphics included? Which presentation uses these elements more effectively and why?
Is content clear and organized?
Word choice: Is one easier to understand than the other? Discuss the differences in language.
Overall effectiveness: Which presentation is more effective overall? Support your conclusion with examples from each presentation.
With this in mind, complete the following assignment USING THE ATTACHED BUSINESS LETTER TEMPLATE:
Write a 700-word business letter to the chief marketing officer (CMO) of Apple, Inc., in which you recommend strategies for creating an effective presentation for Apple employees.
You must base your reasoning and cite back to the two presentations when writing the business letter.
Use examples from your comparison of the two presentations to illustrate your recommendations.
Complete a Reference Page which cites in APA format the two presentations listed above.