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How has Australian architecture transformed under the framework of reconciliation? Compare two buildings that represent how Australia has evolved (eg. Brambuk and NWA). Choose either one key feature they share, but have expressed differently (eg. Materiality with intent to convey identity, contribution to nationhood)

5.6.2 Assignment objectives
On completion of this assignment the student should be able to:
• conduct a critical review and analysis of relevant academic literature
• define a research question or problem based on a literature review
• work independently
• present concepts and arguments in an academic essay.
5.6.3 Assignment brief
To prepare an essay, 2000-2500 words in length (excluding references and quotes), answering the question posed by the Essay Topic Proposal task or revised from this based on feedback and consultation with the tutor. Essays are to demonstrate a review and analysis of the academic
literature in your chosen field and the identification of a chosen research question or problem based on that review. The essay should be clearly focused on the set topic, make use of written sources, present a reasoned argument and be presented in an academic manner.

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