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Hospitality Information

Hospitality Information
Use the Mail Merge tool to make a form letter that you could send to the recipient list I provided.

The recipient list (data file) can be downloaded below

The letter should be addressed to each contact, have a ” Dear <<Salutation>> <<Last Name>>” line (where Salutation
Last Name are MailMerge Fields)

Your form letter must include an inserted picture or graphic and should give the address of a web site.

You must use at least seven of the data fields or use the compiled data field blocks.

Then Merge the document to create the merged form letter.

Review each merged letter for errors and correct where necessary!

Upload your new (merged) document to Learn 9.

EXTRA CREDIT: Scan your signature, insert the scan into a text box. Format the text box to remove the fill color & border
lines. Align your signature in the closure section of your word document.

Hint: This step should occur before your merge.

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