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Health Education Resources Assignment (Safety & Injury Prevention” Adolescent/Young Adult Ages 18-26”)

·         Health Education Resources Assignment

You have been assigned a specific health topic (Safety & Injury Prevention” Adolescent/Young Adult Ages 18-26”) to present a little later in the semester. In preparation for your presentation I want you to research two websites that are related to your topic and not currently included in the Resource Data Files.Write a description that summarizes the information from each of the websites and give your opinion as to the validity of the information and usefulness in expanding your content knowledge.

(These is Resource Data Files)

·         Safety & Injury Prevention

Safety and accident prevention includes the following topics: attitudes toward safety; unintentional injuries including causes of injuries; home and school safety; highway safety (pedestrian, auto, bicycle, recreational vehicles, school bus); fire prevention; weapon safety; weather safety; recreational sports including water safety; hunting safety; worksite safety; protective equipment; survival skills; violence prevention; environmental hazards; basic first-aid and emergency care including CPR; health care; resources and agencies; safety rules and laws; safety careers; suicide; dealing with emergencies. This page includes websites supporting safety and accident prevention.

o    Consumer Product Safety Commission. This commission aims to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with the use of thousands of types of consumer products. The site includes safety education, product recalls, laws, research articles and more.

o    Eddie Eagle Gun Safety®. This program teaches children in preschool through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun.

o    Facing Real Issues: Bullying Prevention. A video on empowering bystanders in bullying situations meant to engage youth, educators and other community members in important conversations about personal health, making healthy choices and developing lifelong healthy habits. A collaborative endeavor between the Maine Department of Education and Project Aware.

o    Kids Health/Teen Safety. From camping to the Internet, this site will help teens prepare to protect themselves and deal with emergencies.

o    Kids Health/Kid Safety. Learn how to play it safe at home, outdoors and on the road during any season of the year.

o    Teen Dating Violence. This U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has information on unhealthy relationships. Find information, hotline numbers and additional links on this website.

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