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Health care Law Questions

This is your first set of quiz/evaluated questions.Quiz questions are worth a combined 25% of yourfinal grades. Please provide a brief answer toeach of the following questions: Please answerquestion by question, not in essay format.

1. From what founding documents and principles ofthe U.S. government has American health carelaw evolved?

2. Briefly describe the role of thejudicial branch and how it relates to the work ofthe legislative branch.

3. What is the compositionof the executive branch? What are two of itshistoric health-related priorities?

4. What mustthe government show to convict providers forviolations of the anti-kickback law?

5. Describe the possible sanctions for violations of the False Claims Act.

6. What are some proposals forinsuring the uninsured?

7. Why are tax credits aparticularly appealing solution for providingcoverage for the uninsured?

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