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General Education Literacy Outcomes

Communications: Demonstrate college?level communication through a variety
of media.
2. Mathematics: Apply quantitative reasoning to real?world situations.
3. Science: Analyze how scientific principles are applied in real?world contexts.
4. Social Science: Critically evaluate the social or psychological issues that impact
human behavior.
5. Arts and Humanities: Recognize human potential through a study of human
6. Research and Information: Apply methods for finding, evaluating, and using
7. Ethics: Identify, apply, and evaluate ethical reasoning.
8. Critical Thinking: Apply critical thinking to real?life situations.
9. Technology Literacy: Use information technology to solve real?world problems
and communicate effectively.
Discipline?Specific Outcomes
1. Knowledge Base: Demonstrate knowledge of the major concepts, theoretical
perspectives, enduring conflicts, empirical findings, and historical trends in
2. Research Methods: Apply basic methodology in psychology, including research
design, data analysis, and the interpretation and evaluation of findings.
3. Critical Thinking Skills: Use analytical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and the scientific
approach in solving problems related to behavior and mental processes.
4. Application: Apply the appropriate psychological principles, theories, and
concepts to personal, social, and organizational issues and problems.
5. Values in Psychology: Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying ethical
standards, values, and considerations in theory and practice in the disciplines of
6. Information and Technological Skills: Use contemporary tools and technologies
to communicate psychological principles and concepts effectively in diverse
social and professional settings.
7. Global Awareness: Demonstrate an understanding of how academic and
applied psychology can improve interpersonal relationships across cultural and
national boundaries.