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It is quite hard to find clear and more detailed answers elsewhere to the frequently asked questions in the other websites

Any of the following FAQs must have crossed your mind and you might have been worried about them. Our company gives you a chance to go through
their answers to clear all the ambiguities that you have in regards to the services and products that we provide.
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[vc_toggle title=”To what level can I put my trust to your company?” open=”false”]

We have stayed in business for quite some time. We have constantly provided services of academic writing to different students over time including”Do My Homework Online”. Today, a very large percentage of our clients have expressed their loyalties and satisfactions and more importantly, not thinking of another company that can possibly beat us in the provision of quality services owing to their nice experience with us.

[vc_toggle title=”Are the first time customers eligible to discounts?” open=”false”]

In addition to having affordable prices to our students, we devised a timely discount scheme to facilitate the learning process of our esteemed clients. In this regard, our first time customers are entitled to 15% discount for the assignments that they post.click here

[vc_toggle title=”What are your writers’ credentials?” open=”false”]

Our company authors are competent, experienced and highly qualified in the various disciplines that they handle. We have worked with most of them for a long time and their records are exceptionally excellent.

[vc_toggle title=”What are your writers’ work timings?” open=”false”]

Our writers department operates 24 hours a day and can be easily accessed through chats, email or telephone call. Many of our writers are also available for urgent assignments.

[vc_toggle title=”What if my assignment is not in line with the mentioned requirements?” open=”false”]

The frequency of delivering assignments that do not follow the instructions given by the client is very low within our company since the assignment passes through series of scrutiny before it is submitted to the customer. However, in case of any complaint regarding low quality assignments, our quality assurance department is there for you.

[vc_toggle title=”How long does it take for an order to be completed?” open=”false”]

It is one of the requirements that our customers specify the timeframe within which they would love their orders to be completed. In many instances, our writers deliver the complete papers before or on time so that you can have enough time to go through the paper. We highly obey the deadlines that you place and strive to work within that range.

[vc_toggle title=”How much is my confidential information safeguarded?” open=”false”]

We highly value our clients’ privacy in regard to information provided by them. The company’s database, where all the customers’ information is stored is fully protected against leakage to the third parties.

[vc_toggle title=”What is the company’s mode of payment?” open=”false”]

Payments can be made to writemyessayfree.com through credit cards or PayPal accounts.

[vc_toggle title=”In case am not satisfied with the paper submitted to me, can I get back my money?” open=”false”]

Customers who receive our services are satisfied in many occasions and hardly request for refunds. However, if a customer demands for their cash refunds, it is appropriate that they provide us with a proof of their grade. In case the proof is found to be valid, the money is refunded to the client.
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