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Evaluation of Disney’s diversification strategy

Evaluation of Disney’s diversification strategy

You have been hired as a consultant to the Walt Disney Company. The Board of Directors has asked

you to give your evaluation of Disney’s diversification strategy. Specifically, the board is interested

in your opinion of the competitive strength of the business units, their strategic and resource fit, and

the portfolio management strategies that you recommend to improve Disney’s financial performance.

Prepare a 3-5 page report (minimum 1200 words) detailing your analysis and your recommendations. It is strongly suggested that you follow the analytical steps presented in The “how to prepare and present a case study analysis’ pages 346-358. This is really good guide and has lots of information on how to construct your work.
Background information on the company should be limited to 300 words or less. Focus on strategy formulation and beyond. Company history is important only in describing how it will be changed by your direction and recommendations.
To score well you must use the concepts and may/should use matrices and analytical tools contain in the text. Outside tables and graphs are not permitted for this assignment. Outside sources can be used as needed but must be cited.
Support each recommendation with persuasive argument and reasons as to why it makes sense and should result in improved company performance.
9. Review your recommended action plan to see if it addresses all of the problems and issues you identified—any set of recommendations that does not address all of the issues and problems you identified is incomplete and insufficient.
10. Avoid recommending any course of action that could have disastrous consequences if it doesn’t work out as planned; therefore, be as alert to the downside risks of your recommendations as you are to their upside potential and appeal.

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