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Electronic Control and computer Systems

Electronic Control and computer Systems

K = 80oN/m
Kd = 200 Ns/m
X l I Fd LFS Make reasoned
k assumptions Where
1h” h The SUSpension system above has been resolved into its key components
WT”: are r ega’ded asia perfect Spring with a spring stiffness, k. a perfect damper
W’ U3 damping COGffiClents of kd and an equivalent mass, M.
36 fundamental pruncrples to derive a mathematical model for the above circuit?
[15 marks] 2. Show how the model can be manipulated into the form of the standard 2’“1
order transfer function in terms of time constant and damping ratio. Derive subsidiary
models for system constants?
[10 marks] 3. For the system derived above design an equivalent electrical model with the
same response characteristics as the mechanical system with a force of 150
Newtons suddenly applied.
[15 marks] 4. With a unit step change applied to the input, produce a graph of the output
response in the time domain using an appropriate scale to show response time?
Comment on the graph?
[15 marks] 5. Design a compensator using a combination of lead, lag. proportional, Integral
or derivative control that you consider appropriate to minimise overshoot and settling
tlme. [15 marks] 6. Determine some compensator system constants then, usingyour controller in
series with the process, show how the controlled system responds in comparison to
7 our controlled 5 stem response.
the uncontrolled system. Comment on y Y [10 marks] [Total 80 marks]

Further Information
assessment (from the Module Descriptor);
Learning o‘,”9°”7°.’dt°:;:,?cl2:333; block diagram algebra; differential equations;
2.4 0:13; 31200:in order; transfer functions: Laplace ”gnSfofm
guts graphs and equations: step; overshoot; delay time; rise time, settling

time; damping and damp/fig ratio.
Computer modelling
Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme:
Mark scheme broken down in aSSIgnment details
Nat re of the submission required:
A written assignment of not more than 2000 words With apprOpriate diagrams.
Handwritten will be acceptable due to the complexity of algebraic derivations
Instructions to students:
Working individually, you are to answer all parts of the as3ignment. Jomt reports are
not allowed and similar reports will be penalised according to the Assessment
Regulations for Northumbria Awards (A RNA)
Referencing Style:
If referencing of material is required, use the Harvard system
Expected size of the submission:
Masimum of 2000:otrhds – a 10% deduction to the achieved score will be made if the
aSSIgnmen excee s 13.
Academic Conduct:
You must adhere to the university regulations
on academic
proceedings Will be instigated if there is any suspicion of miggggdt Formal inqwry
our work. Refert th ‘ ‘ – . uc or plagiarism In
y , ° 9 uniVe’SltY S regulations on assessment if ou a
to the meaning of these terms. 7779 latest copy is available on theyuniv re uncles r as
or contact K. Comer, Curn‘culum Leader, in room L 107. ”SW webSite,

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