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disscussion reply to the question asked from student in own words please

disscussion reply to the question asked from student in own words please

1: Timothy, what a great definition, cryptography is the science of decoding information with a key and like Timothy stated, these keys are both “public (lock) and private (unlock).” In other words, through the power of encryption and conversion, cryptography has the ability to protect sensitive information. Timothy and class, according to chapter 8, and to help you better understand, please describe:
Substitution ciphers
Transportation ciphers’

2:You have given a very good explanation of what public-key cryptography is. One way that I look at is that if there is a push button lock on a door that anyone can push when leaving the house, which this would be the public-key. Then the person who has the key to the house using that key to unlock the door to access the house, which would be the private key. When we send emails with our organization we encrypt it automatically. There are additional security settings that we have but those are asked depending on if there is an attachment to the email or not. Does anyone know if their organization uses encryption to send data?

3:The public key cryptography( Asymmetric algorithmsis)is a system that uses two keys, which are public and private. The sender uses a public key(lock) to encrypt the message and the receiver will use the private key(unlock) to decrypt the message.

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