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Critically discuss the concept of co-creation in relation to the event experience

With a specific event (of your choice) in mind

Critically discuss the concept of co-creation in relation to the event experience.


Proposed structure


Introduction and literature review

  • Provide an introduction to the subject examined by your chosen question.
  • Summarise the literature around the subject highlighting:

o Key themes

o Similar or contrasting findings by authors

o Any relevant models or frameworks

  • A brief overview of the event you went to which highlights details relevant to your question
  • A range of sources should be utilised to do your case study:

o Personal observation

o Interviews (if possible – not required)

o The official event website

o Any event brochures or publications


Analysis and conclusion

  • Use literature you reviewed to discuss your event
  • Ask yourself:

o What principles from the theory you reviewed did you see at work at your visit?

o Are there any bits of theory irrelevant or contradictory to what you observed during the visit?

o How could the application of theory have helped the organisers improve the event experience?

  • Include a brief conclusion


Overall presentation

  • Carefully check spelling and grammar
  • Adhere to departmental guidelines



  • Use a variety of high quality sources
  • Use in-text citations for all findings
  • The essay should be correctly referenced



Additional information and support

A vast number of resources are available on the VLE resources area. Those are indicative and you should go beyond those sources in your research demonstrating you are a creative and independent learner. Please do NOT use an encyclopaedia (either printed or online, such as Wikipedia) as a source.

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