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contemporary society

Parameters of the assignment:  The research paper should show 1) your ability to analyze information 2) your ability to construct an argument 3) your ability to write clearly and concisely and 4) your ability to locate, evaluate, summarize and document 8 key sources in either APAcitation style.

The following index of TED talks on sustainability might also prompt your interests: . (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

UBC’s website on sustainability issues may provide a useful starting point:


Consider contemporary society’s move toward sustainability in any of the three areas: economic, social, and environmental. How possible is sustainability? How far have societies moved toward sustainability? What future actions and considerations should be undertaken? What are key issues in the transition toward sustainability?

Be sure to focus this general topic on a particular issue or set of issues.  For instance, you might look at sustainability as represented in the media, sustainability in a particular industry (for example, energy, food, textiles), how sustainability (or the lack of it) affects men/ women/ children/ families/ cultures/ a variety of animal populations and ecosystems, sustainability and political decision-making, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, sustainability and consumer ideology, sustainability and transportation, or sustainability and natural resources. You might consider the consequences of a current, unsustainable social, economic, or environmental situation such as single-use plastics or planned obsolescence. You could do a case study of a particular population, industry, or initiative. In fact, choosing a case study as an example to analyze can be helpful in narrowing your topic. You could also do a comparison/ contrast between two populations, industries, or initiatives. These are examples of possible directions; you will want to decide on an aspect of sustainability that interests you.

You must use 8 sources, 6 of 8sources must be peer-reviewed. Be sure to establish a clear thesis and persuasive argument, and then support your ideas using both analysis and research.

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