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Assignment Guidelines:

Teaching in the field of nursing, whether in the formal capacity of as academic faculty, or in less formal settings as a preceptor, mentor, or coach, is critical to both the current and future state of nursing and patient care. As a professional nurse practitioner you will certainly encounter many opportunities to educate other nurses, nurse practitioners, and a variety of other healthcare workers during your career. The impact you will have in this capacity can significantly improve patient care and outcomes. Preparation for this teaching experience is a core competency for the nurse practitioner educator.  This assignment asks that you develop a lesson plan and using this plan, present a micro-teaching session to your instructor and your peers. This form of experiential learning will provide you with the confidence, practice and real-world tools needed to apply these teaching skills in your clinical setting.

Writing/content instructions:

                Part 1 Lesson Plan Document:

  • Select one health-related topic for which you could create a brief (15-minute) teaching session (the topic must be approved by your instructor- this will be discussed in class). Consider the variety of topics you have learned about in your readings, class, clinical settings, or through your research efforts when selecting a subject to present. When choosing a topic, think about the many disorders, diseases, or health promotion opportunities that nurse practitioners may encounter. For example, in clinic you may see a patient in need of education regarding Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, irritable bowel syndrome, congestive heart failure, anorexia, women’s health screening, healthy eating habits, stress reduction, or osteoarthritis.
  • Review the article, which can be found on the sinhal Loop course web-site in the Assignments folder, titled “Constructing a Lesson Plan” by Rebecca B. Saunders, PhD, RN, C. Using this article, and other evidence-based research findings that you apply to your topic, develop the following:
    1. Learning objectives
      1. Identify your students/audience; what information is most important for them to know/incorporate into their clinical practice?
      2. Consider the topic; what are the focused, critical learning components you must assure your students take away from your session? What “clinical pearls” can you teach them that would benefit their patient populations?
    2. Outline of content
      1. Research your topic, define the key areas of information you wish to relate to your audience about this topic. Contemplate the value of the information and the time-frame in which you have to deliver this content when creating your outline. While you may want to share a considerable amount of valuable information with your students/audience, you must refine your content in order to provide them with useful content that stimulates critical thinking while keeping to the assigned 15-minute time limit.
    3. Time frame
      1. The micro-teaching session cannot extend beyond 15 minutes. As such, you must carefully craft your presentation to fit into this requirement. As a novice nursing educator, keeping to a time limited session can be very challenging. You are encouraged to practice your session and time yourself to ensure that meet this requirement.
    4. Teaching strategies
      1. Consider your students and available resources when designing your teaching strategies. Look to the literature for ideas. Think about the types of learners in your classroom, are they visual, kinesthetic, or perhaps auditory learners, or are they a combination learner? Would the use of technology or simple lecture be most valuable for imparting information to this group? You may not have all the resources you wish to apply in this setting however you should minimally mention ones that you would use if available when crafting your summative report.
    5. Evaluation method
      1. How will you evaluate learning outcomes? Think about the brief amount of time you will have to present your topic, this time must include a method of evaluation for assessing learning- what method could you incorporate into your lesson to ensure that your audience grasped the key concepts you are trying to impart?
  • Utilizing the example in Table 3 on page 76 of the Saunders article as a template to guide you in your documentation, submit your lesson plan in the format shown in the article (this does not count in the 1000 word limit for the summative report/evaluation).


Part 2 Summative Report/Evaluation of Lesson Plan and Micro-teaching Session:


  • Write a 1000 word maximum summative report/evaluation describing the development of your teaching plan and evaluating its success in the classroom.
    1. Consider the following questions as you develop your paper:
      1. Briefly discuss your approach to your lesson plan i.e. topic selection, choice of objectives and learning strategies.
      2. What are some challenges/barriers that you faced as a nursing educator? What could you have done differently to overcome these challenges?
  • Based on your brief, in-class evaluation of your students, do you feel your teaching efforts were successful; did you successfully transfer knowledge and stimulate critical thinking among your students? Describe the evaluation method you used to assess learning outcomes and briefly discuss whether or not you accomplished your objectives for the session based on the results of your evaluation tool.
  1. What single recommendation would you make to improve nursing education for to benefit the quality of patient care and why?


Technical Instructions for paper:

  1. Typed, double spaced, and using Harvard referencing style for title page, in-text citations, and

reference page.


  1. Font: Times New Roman size 12, margins 1” all around.
  1. Paper length maximum 1000 words not including the table describing your lesson plan (anything over this limit will not be counted towards the grade), with separate, additional pages for the title and reference sections (title and reference pages do not factor into word count).
  2. References: A minimum of (2) peer-reviewed, recent (for journal articles they must be within the

last 3-5 years old unless the reference is considered a “classic” reference and for textbooks 5-7

years old) and/or from journal articles or text books.

  1. Grading will be based on the rubric below. Please be sure to refer to the rubric as you develop

your paper.

  1. Upload Final paper into assignment dropbox on the Loop course website by the due date.


Please note that there is no draft for this paper. You will be submitting the final paper only.

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