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Computer scientists in 2020-2040

Chapter 2 of the textbook traces the role of engineers and engineering in development taking a historical perspective and dividing time up into different eras based on dominant themes. The last section covers the time period “2000-present” and is described on p. 40 as taking place as three trends converge. One is an education trend; one is an employment trend; and one is a media/visibility trend.

In this assignment you will look ahead, as if you were writing a new section for this book on the time period 2020-2040. In about 1000 words 2 pages, do the following within a coherent narrative:

• Identify three trends that you think will affect how/what/why computer scientists work in the world in the 2020-2040 period. Your trends do not have to fall into the education, employment, and/or media space though you may want to consider whether one or more of these (suitably updated) is interesting to include.
• Give two current examples of ways that pairs of these trends are coming together to have meaning or lead to different behavior. This part is research, so include references. Here you are (1) helping the reader understand what evidence you see of interesting convergences, and (2) helping yourself develop your narrative by starting with pair-wise existing examples.
• Speculate on what the convergence of all three could mean? Here you will pre-write a “history” of CS in 2020-2040.

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