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Communication Theory

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The final assignment of the current class will be a research proposal. You will be tasked with arriving at a researchable question targeted toward one of the primary theories/perspectives we discuss during the course. To this end, you will research the topic of your choice and explicate a question that is currently unstudied or understudied.

We have or will cover the following theories/perspectives in class?
? Diffusion of innovations
? Agenda setting
? Cultivation
? Media?s influence on perceptions of social reality from Shrum?s perspective
? Theory of planned behavior/reasoned action
? Elaboration likelihood model
? Social cognitive theory
? Priming
? Disposition theories
? Empathy and excitation transfer theory
? Uses and gratifications
? Selective exposure theory
? Displacement

Your assignment will have three sections.

1) Overview of the theory/perspective (1-2 pages)
a. What are the primary assumptions of the theory/perspective?
b. What are the primary variables of interest?
c. What are the major predictions of the theory?
2) Current research topics? (1 page)
a. What is a current topic that is being addressed by the research?
b. Is there a consensus on that topic? Is there agreement about what the findings are?
c. Is there agreement on what should be done next?
3) What do you want to know about the topic? (1-2 pages)
a. What is an area or topic within your theory/perspective that you feel is unanswered?
b. What study would you want a researcher to do?
c. Where might you find the information you?re looking for, if it exists?

For all aspects of the assignment, be as concise as possible and as specific as possible. There are hard page limits here. Don?t worry about filling the space. If you do the assignment thoroughly, you?ll have a hard time not exceeding the page limits.

To start your research, you should consult the ?Communication & Mass Media Complete? database. You can find it on the library?s website, or by following this link. You have access to this database on campus.

Other sources you can use include ?Media Psychology,? the preeminent scholarly journal on media effects research, and the ?Journal of Media Psychology.?

Media Psychology:
Journal of Media Psychology:

NOTE: Working in a group is NOT required, but you can work on this assignment in a group of up to 4 people. All group members will receive the same grade.

References should be in APA format.