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commentary preparation assignment

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Commentary Preparation Assignment

Please write no more than 250 words on the following passage from page 47 ofArendt?s ?Reflections on Little Rock.?

But the difference between the North and the South, though still marked, is bound to disappear with the growing industrialization of Southern states and plays no role in some of them today. In all parts of the country, in the East and North with its host of nationalities no less than in the more homogeneous South, the Negroes stand out because of their ?Visibility.? They are not the only “visible minority,? but they are the most visible one. In this respect, they somewhat resemble new immigrants, who invariably constitute the most ?audible? of all minorities and therefore are always the most likely to arouse xenophobic sentiments. But while audibility is a temporary phenomenon, rarely persisting beyond one generation, the Negroes? visibility is unalterable and permanent. (47)

First, you may notice that this is not a very lengthy selection of the text. But don?t be fooled by the amount of text presented ? you will still be hard pressed to keep you practice commentary to 250 words or less. Do not feel that you have to cover everything.’The point of this exercise is to practice engaging the text and develop points of analysis. In short ? how do you begin?

Second, remember that a commentary is not a ?paper in which you are invited to weigh in with your opinions: it is an exercise in exact reading. The argument is what you are following point by point. By following, analyzing, and detailing a given text/argument you are demonstrating that you not duly understand it but you understand with precision and thought ? you are not just passively accepting information and concepts but actively engaging the text.

Third, wliile the key terms and concepts are critical points around which to organize your commentary, the manner in which ture argument of the sample text is presented also plays an essential role. Look to syntax and grammar, pay attention to prepositions (up, down, through, toward, etc.) and conjpnctions (and, or, but, yet, etc.) and clauses (a group of words containing a subject and a predicate).