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category of noble action,

REL212 Week 3 Discussion
Please respond to the following:

Explain whether or not you think Siddhartha Gautama?s quest to find enlightenment falls under the category of noble action, sacred call, or desire. Discuss how his decision to leave his
family would be received in today?s culture.

MKT100 Week 3 Discussion Question

Target Market Segmentation

? Review the following two (2) automotive advertisements. Determine the target customer/market(s) that the vehicles in each of these ads would appeal to. In your post, give information about each target group. It could include information related to age, lifestyle values, attitudes, wants and needs, gender, age, number of kids, education income, stage in the household lifecycle, geographic location (urban vs. rural, etc.), or risk orientation, etc.
? ?
? Next, come up with a brief marketing pitch (two to three (2-3) sentences) to persuade the target customer that the vehicle is right for him/her.
? Be sure to make at least 2 substantial postings to earn full credit.
? ?

“A real man doesn’t honk the horn. He scares the car in front.

“A real man doesn’t honk the horn. He scares the car in front”

“When you’ve been through hell, you tend to appreciate heaven”

“The Chrysler 200”
“Imported from Detroit”