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Canadian culture

Canadian culture

write an analysis of how it uses cultural myths and/or stereotypes to articulate Canadian identity.
You must incorporate at least 4 of the research sources listed below into your essay. These sources can be located by using the Brock library.
Molson Canadian, “Made From Canada” Feb 2010

Research Sources:
Daniel Francis, National Dreams, Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 1997.
Steven Jackson, “Globalization, corporate nationalism and masculinity in Canada: sport, Molson beer advertising and consumer citizenship,” Sport in Society, August 2014, Volume17, Issue7, p.901-16.
Greg Lowan, “Adrift in our National Consciousness: Meditations on Canadian Ecological Identity,” Journal of Outdoor Education, v23, n4, Summer 2011, p.25-29.
Gregory Millard, Sarah Riegel and John Wright, “Here’s where we get Canadian: English-Canadian nationalism and popular culture,” American Review of Canadian Studies. Spring, 2002, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p11-37.
Steven Mock, “’Whose Game They’re Playing’: Nation and Emotion in Canadian TV Advertising during the 2010 Winter Olympics,” Studies In Ethnicity & Nationalism. Apr2012, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p206-226.
Robert Seiler, “Selling patriotism / selling beer: the case of the ‘I am Canadian!’ Commercial,” American Review of Canadian Studies. Spring, 2002, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p45-69.
Ira Wagman, “Wheat, barley, hops, citizenship: Molson’s ‘I am [Canadian]’ campaign and the defense of Canadian national identity through advertising,” Velvet Light Trap. Fall, 2002, p77-90.

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