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Business assignment term 3

  1. Knowledge and understanding
    1. Research different options for investment in Australia. Take note of the risks involved and potential returns.
    2. Create a balanced investment portfolio to give protection of the invested money and as high return as possible.
    3. Create a share portfolio for at least a 5-year period.
  2. Applying and analysing
    1. Explain why you have chosen the different investments.
    2. What protections are in place to protect against loss?
    3. What investment have you chosen to give a greater return, and why? Explain the risks involved.
  3. Planning and evaluation
    1. Justify your decisions and compare to other potential investment options. Justify your plan.
    2. Develop a list of key performance indicators for the next 5 years, and what corrections generally should be made for different investments?



  1. Develop an investment strategy for investing $500 000 as part of a long-term fund of greater than 5 years.
  2. Include a share portfolio that will give returns over that time-period (of at least six different share options).

What risk management processes will you put in place to protect your client?

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