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Business and business environment, Pearson unit 1

DescriptionFirst, you have to describe different types of organisations – based on size, scope and structure – private, public and volunteer and give 3 real examples of each.
Second to compare two organisations of the given examples based on scope ,size and structure (example, to compare 1 private with 1 public).
In the next Learn Outcome to choose two companies one with flat and another with tall structure and to describe their department and how they link (the same companies).
In the next paragraph to explain the PESTEL analysis of specific company (one of the choosen) and the positive and negative impact of it.
The next step is SWOT analysis of the same company and how the company can develop base on this analys
In the last part to explain how SWOT analysis is interrelate with External Macro Factors. Give recommendations.
Please include content sheet, introduction, main body and conclusion. See the attached files and strictly follow the assignment brief.
I ordered another work covering the same module, please make sure you will do it for different company and you will avoid similarities. These two works are for two different students doing the same course. Thank you.

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