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Are the state and the interstate system causes of environmental problems? Answer with reference to Green IR

To understand the emergence of environmental problems as policy issues for IR;
To note the evolution of theories relating to environmental protection;
To be able to distinguish between shallow and deep Green approaches;
To be aware of Smith’s arguments about the environment being “on the periphery of IR”;
To understand the relationship between Green Political Theory and Global Ecology as depicted by Paterson;
To identify similarities and differences with Feminisms, Critical Theories, Constructivism and Postmodernism.

Key points to highlight:

Acknowledgment of Important environmental changes over the years.
Industrial revolution motivated by capitalist ambitions.
Use and abuse of Natural resources for economic purposes, generate the Extinction of species.
Damages caused by infrastructures on the environment (Pollution/ Climate change).
No specific political parties supportive of environmental issues, not taken seriously, NGOs (Greenpeace)

Is the environment a useful concept for theorizing about world politics?
Does adequately addressing global environmental problems mean that we need to smash the international system?

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