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ANALYSIS Essay #1 WRI 101

ANALYSIS Essay #1 WRI 101
You find yourself with a group of strangers at the crossroads of Hartwell highway and Red Hill
Road in Hartwell, Georgia USA. You see on the hill the Georgia Guidestones, gigantic slabs of
granite (sort of like Stonehenge), and etched into the slabs in multiple languages are guidelines
for how to run the world. But as you analyze each guideline critically, you realize that to
implement these guidelines people could have many competing interpretations that could lead to
greater problems rather than solutions. One person in your group thinks that the guidelines
should be instated in the modern world immediately. But you suspect that the person has not
thought through the ideas carefully. You decide to speak up.
Show through your analysis why the wording on any 1 or 2 guidelines could lead to
competing and perhaps anti-human interpretations and that to implement such a guideline
could lead to greater human suffering.
You must incorporate into your style at least one example of the following:
• parallel structure (doublets and triplets),
• correct use of passive voice,
• conciseness,
• appositives,
• anadiplosis,
• antithesis.
Label the use like this: “The Georgia Guidestones, granite structures etched with societal
guidelines, are cryptic at best, and misleading at worst (appositive).

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