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american civil war and german wars of unification

Pick ONE question from the following list

  1. To what did armies of the German states provide opportunities for social and professional enhancement?
  2. Was the Prussian army better trained and more tactically adept than its foes in the period 1850-1871?
  3. Was the Austrian army doomed to failure in the period 1850-1866?
  4. Did France throw away significant military advantages in the war of 1870-1871?
  5. Did Austria ever have a chance to supplant Prussia in the leadership of the German confederation?
  6. To what extend did the issue of slavery dominate the causes and meaning of the American Civil War?
  7. Did the Confederacy achieve a realistic strategy for defeating the Union?
  8. Did Lincoln achieve a better relationship with his generals than Jefferson Davis?
  9. To what extent did the American Civil War reveal clear lessons about the nature of warfare?
  10. Did cavalry play an important role in the American Civil War?
  11. How important was control of the Mississippi to the outcome of the American Civil War?
  12. To what extent were black people actively engaged in the war efforts of both sides of the American Civil War?

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