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Homework/Quizzes/Exams: You will complete the exercises and problems, videos, quizzes, and exams assigned on Connect. An access code should be provided with your new textbook. If you purchase a used textbook, you can purchase an access code online on the Connect site provided to you on the D2L site.

Evaluation Procedure: Course work is weighted as follows (Tentative):

Exams 360
Final Exam 100
Homework 100
Quizzes 100
Videos 50
Learn smart modules 50
Correspondence 20
10-K reviews 20
Quickbooks 60

Total 860 points

Final scores will be rounded to the nearest percentage (e.g. 89.4 = 89 and 89.5 = 90). Final grades will be issued using the following criteria:

Final Score Letter Grade
90% and above A
80% to 89% B
70% to 79% C
60% to 69% D
59% and below F