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AC 11.1: Analyse factors which led to the creation of the National Health Service AC 11.2: Explain how the National Health Service responds to the changing demands places upon it AC 21.1: Analyse how changes to funding have impacted on the NHS


You are required to produce an academic poster about the National Health Service (NHS) which incorporates the following:
• An analysis of the factors that led to the creation of the NHS.
• An explanation of how the NHS responds to the changing demands placed upon it.
• An analysis of how changes to funding impact the NHS and how the introduction of market forces have attempted to make more effective use of funding.

The poster should be a maximum of 2,000 words and must include a timeline of significant points in history in relation to the creation and development of the NHS from 1948 to date.

This word limit is the absolute maximum you are permitted. If you are over the word limit for this assignment in any way you will receive your assignment back without further comment or feedback.

For guidance about layout, structure and style of writing used for an academic poster you should refer to the study materials in the ‘Academic Writing Skills’ unit.

Remember that you will need to use images within your poster to support your written commentary.

All sources used within the poster, including any images or diagrams, must be cited and referenced accordingly. You must submit a references list with your poster. You can provide this in a separate document to your poster for ease.

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